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This has been a summer that will never be forgotten.

In May we hosted our first Lamplighter Theatre Live where we recorded two new audio dramas, The Giant Killer and Escape from the Eagle’s Nest. Having actors come to our Lamplighter headquarters for a week (rather than flying to England or Hollywood) was a landmark event. Several actors said it was one of the most life-changing weeks of their lives. We began each day with prayer and time spent in the Word. As stories were being produced inside the studio, real-life stories were unfolding inside hearts. We are thrilled to have witnessed what God accomplished through our first Lamplighter Live, and with sufficient funding we will be able to record our next two audio dramas as early as October.

During the Lamplighter Live recording week, we had an average of 30 visitors daily. Students, parents, and professionals came to observe. Imagine with me that our full-time school has started. Our students would be involved in all aspects: engineering, acting, graphics, administration, logistics, hospitality, finance, communication, and marketing. Can you imagine the education they would be receiving?
The day after Lamplighter Live, we greeted the first of five interns for the summer. By Monday we were in full swing. The following week we began renovations on the school building we recently purchased, and with just two weeks before the Guild, our staff and interns worked day and night to prepare classrooms and the stage for our students. With God’s help and a lot of scrubbing, sanding, cleaning, and painting, the entire third floor was renovated! Our students and teachers enjoyed the wonder as much as we wondered how it actually happened!

Our seventh annual Guild opened with the grace of the Light of the World Ballet. The battle between Wisdom and Folly was powerfully presented. The moment the crown of thorns was portrayed, it so humbled me that there was an immediate shift from my focus of what I needed to accomplish to what God’s grace had already accomplished. On Monday, Dr. Lew Sterrett presented powerful messages on leadership, and authors David and Karen Mains presented the importance of journaling the “sightings” of God’s touches in our lives. On Tuesday, there was a celebration of God’s goodness with musician Andrew Peterson, with a sold-out crowd. And the week was only half over! Imagine a full-time school—The Lamplighter Academy of Arts, Agriculture, Business, and Biblical Theology—that offers students the opportunity to learn from godly mentors such as these great men and women of God.

There is a great need today for a biblical education of the mind, heart, and body. Many have written about this need:

No system of education is complete that does not harden the hands and toughen muscles, while it also develops the intellect and enlarges the heart…only through work do we attain the true symmetry, strength, and glory of godly manhood and womanhood.
~ Alexander Clark

While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued: but once they lose their virtue, they will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader…if virtue and knowledge are diffused among the people, they will never be enslaved. This will be their great security.
~ Samuel Adams

Here at Lamplighter it is our desire to educate and mentor students to become godly influences, bringing redemption to a world that has quickly gone astray from the thoughts and ways of God. Having been in Christian education for over 30 years, I have not seen a more biblical platform for education: students are mentored as they study theology and immediately practice what they are learning on the platform of Lamplighter’s broad opportunities in publishing, editing, writing, formatting, audio, communications, agriculture, art, philosophy, marketing, culinary, sales, logistics, graphics, and film.

Perhaps I am putting the cart before the horse. Lamplighter has many needs before we can start this school. We need an infusion of capital before we take on a responsibility of this proportion. Recently we received a phone call from Missionary Builders, a team that builds hospitals and schools around the world. They asked if Lamplighter had any current needs and said that they would be available in October to fulfill as much as we needed for FREE, as long as we could pay for materials, food, and lodging. What an unexpected blessing! Now we need God’s provision to take advantage of this gracious offer.

The following projects could be accomplished by the missionary team in October:

• new roof for the office and the steeple
• expanded kitchen facilities
• update electric
• install required sprinkler system in school building
• build three-story building for bindery, shipping, and inventory, which will provide space for the new recording studio and convert current office space into dorms

Three houses are for sale that are attached to our property, which would provide space to house more students; and five acres of land, also attached to our property, would give us the recreational fields we will need for our students.

God has always provided for our needs, and we are grateful for the generosity of those who have been called to support His work. I believe this is the time for Lamplighter to have a powerful influence upon the world. Our students will have access to one of the best platforms of education and practice. CLICK HERE for more in-depth information about the philosophy and theology of the school.

In closing, I ask you to prayerfully consider how God would have you be involved with the start of the school. He has given us so much to get started, and now we need a financial foundation to support this work as we move forward. I know the Lord has brought us this far and will bring to completion that which He has started.

Will you join our unified team to make ready a people prepared for the Lord? Thank you for your faithfulness to Christ and your encouragement in this great privilege of serving alongside of you.


Mark Hamby