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Thank you for considering partnering with us to make ready a people prepared for the Lord,
by Building Christlike Character… One story at a time.

You prayers are essential.

Thank You from Mark Hamby 2017 Year in Review
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Current Ministry Needs

7, 12, or 15 passenger van or SUV
Our Lamplighter staff has graciously picked up guests, teachers, and students going to and from the airport for the last 20 plus years. In all, we use 5-7 vehicles to transport, especially during the weeks of the Guild, Lamplighter Live, and concerts. Often we have to rent a vehicle in addition to using our own personal vehicles. A Lamplighter vehicle would help us be more efficient with our time and reduce expenses.

A maintenance vehicle is needed for the many projects and renovations that are taking place.

Air Conditioning for the School and Church
It is our hope to have air conditioning before the Guild in July. We tried holding classes in school last year, but the heat and humidity made it prohibitive. We have a missionary team who has offered their services for free. As soon as we have $14,000 we can complete this project.

Renovation of recently acquired house.
We have volunteers and a missionary building team standing by; as soon as we have $29,000 we can finish the renovations of the plumbing, electric, kitchen, drywall, and floors. We are hoping to use this facility for our Guild students or teachers. By completing this house, we will be able to generate $21,200 per year for student housing.

5 Acres of Land
This additional acreage will be the future site for our school. This land is presently wooded with a stream and will provide space for athletics. The purchase price is $25,000.

75 Acres of Farm Land
Attached to our existing 60 acres, this land provides the needed farm land to expand our horticulture and agricultural pursuits for our students. The purchase price is undetermined.

New construction of Offices, Dining Hall, and Classrooms
This new construction will provide more space for dorm rooms, offices, a dining hall, and classrooms. Cost = $2,900,000.

New Construction
Library, Cafe, bookstore, Study and Prayer rooms–connected to the Bell Tower this unique addition will enable us to offer our students a social gathering place for outreach, study, prayer, classes, and a time for refreshing one’s soul as well as their appetite. Cost = $1,200,000.

3-story Victorian Home
The purchase of this home would give us the much needed room for students and teachers. Presently our overflow of students and teachers are lodged at the hotel for $150 per day.

Your support allows us to continue:

Lamplighter PUBLISHING
Began in 1994 and has become a collection of 190 rare books infused with biblical insights and heroic, godly role models to be emulated by young and old. Over three million books are in distribution, now hand-crafted at our own bindery in Mt. Morris, NY. The Lamplighter bindery printed 38,000 books this year.

Lamplighter THEATRE
Brings redemptive hope to the world through dramatic audio. Launched in 2009 and now airing on 1,800 radio stations, our 21 audio dramas reach an estimated 20 million listeners in 30 countries. Lamplighter Theatre is glad to announce that we are now a daily radio broadcast 80 stations.

Lamplighter GUILD
Connecting master teachers and students of all ages, who desire to cultivate excellence in the visual arts, dramatic arts, entrepreneurial endeavors, and biblical theology. Today, 650 alumni are being influenced through this ongoing apprenticeship program. 74 students attended the Guild in 2017.  The educational philosophy behind the Guild also serves as the inspiration for the Lamplighter Academy which will provide students with an opportunity to be mentored in a year-long program focused on the creative arts, biblical theology, and entrepreneurial leadership.

Lamplighter SEMINARS
Lamplighter’s Life-Transforming Seminars is the platform through which Mark Hamby, founder and president, speaks on practical biblical themes of parenting, marriage, character development, and career excellence. Having completed three master’s degrees in Administration, Divinity, and Theology, Mark is currently completing his doctoral dissertation entitled How to Instruct the Young through the Story of Wisdom to Avoid the Path of Folly.

Lamplighter MOMENTS & Fastened like Nails PODCAST
Lamplighter Moments are daily devotionals written from a biblical theological perspective. These daily biblical insights are available on radio or in written form. Aired on more than 600 radio stations in 18 countriesLamplighter Moments provides insight into biblical character development, career preparation, marriage, and parenting. growth. We also have started a new podcastFastened Like Nails, with over 850 listeners weekly.

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