The Epic Battle between Wisdom and Folly – Part 1

Lesson 1
Travel through Proverbs 1-9, and learn why the “fear of God” is a prerequisite to His love and how the “fear of the LORD” can turn careless children into cautious thought-full decision-makers. Learning to love what God loves and hate what God hates is foundational for a child’s worldview to develop properly. As the story of Wisdom unfolds, experience the unforgettable lessons of Wisdom’s ways and Folly’s entrapments. Both Wisdom and Folly promise prosperity, prestige, protection, and pleasure. Learning how to distinguish between Folly’s false promises and Wisdom’s guiding truths will help children develop discernment to avoid false flatterers, beguiling beauty, and enticing touches, especially with their peers and the culture at large. The choreography that Solomon has created in these chapters provides an unforgettable dramatic unfolding of truth of epic proportions. One lesson among many is that when one follows Pleasure, she will bind, restrict, and addict, but when one follows Wisdom, Pleasure will follow, bringing freedom, restoration, and rewards. Through the knowledge gained in this seminar, you can lead children to the house of wisdom to enjoy the enduring benefits of favor with God and man. 

Below is a selection of Lamplighter products that correspond with this seminar to help you further your learning and personal development.

Sir Knight of the Splendid Way by W. E. Cule

Sir Knight of the Splendid Way is a captivating allegory – a rich literary masterpiece that will encourage any weary traveler. This beautifully bound work depicts life as a journey, reaching toward a beacon of hope in the City of the Great King. Beckoned by the King to travel the Splendid Way, the young knight must keep his armor on at all costs. All along the way, he is tempted to take his armor off. Many try to convince him that the battle is worth the fight. But only those who keep their armor on can see the real battle that rages, and only those with pure hearts will see the King.

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Stirring Story!!!
“I love this book! It might be my favorite Lamplighter ever and one of my favorite books completely. The first time I read it I cried about five times. Sir Constant is such a good character and the King was portrayed beautifully. The ending was so breathtaking and moving and as a teenager, this book shows me valuable lessons as I walk the Splendid Way. I wish that everyone could read this book.”
~ Anonymous Cleveland, Tennessee

Indeed a Masterpiece
“I loved this book! Thank you for putting in print another timeless piece of literature! Sir Knight of the Splendid Way is an exciting book that reflects many important Scriptural truths, and I took away a lot from it. This book in many ways will help you meditate on the Christian journey of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.”
~ M. R. Bremen, Indiana

Ancient Paths: Negotiating Life Wisely by J. C. Ryle

This book highlights common and practical themes of daily life and takes you beneath the surface to help you discover their essential virtues. Ryle holds nothing back with his exhortations. When reading Ryle I found myself as a man in a mirror that led me to reflect and repent throughout my reading. May this rare copy of wise thoughts for young men and women challenge you to take captive every thought unto the obedience of Christ. 

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A Little Book With Conviction
“I was a bit surprised at the size of this book and was equally surprised by its potency! The messages contained in this gem are great for both old and young generations. Purchasing multiple copies for graduation gifts will be in the near future. Although it is addressed to the “young men,” it is equally important to young women; do not let the classic masculine language deter you. Very good short reads.”
~ J. R. Billings, Montana

Ancient Paths
“I am 63 and still found through this small book ways to improve my life. It would be best to read while young, but better late with age than never. GOD BLESS!”
~ R. H. Winter Park, Florida

Let Go by Fenelon

Written in the 17th century, Let Go is an excellent devotional to encourage and challenge you in your daily walk.

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“I want to mention how Fenelon’s book, Let Go, has especially helped me. It always covers exactly what God is dealing with me about at that moment. The book is awesome and I thank our Lord for it and again the person he put in my life for recommending it to me. I just wanted to let you know.”

Even Better Than the Hardback Book!
“I am SO impressed with this book. I have only had time to read a few of the letters so far, but he put into such concise words, and so simply, what I usually take SO much longer to explain. Incredible wisdom and godly understanding. This is what the church needs to hear and has been missing for so long.”
~ Marty Carpenter Redding, California