Event Information:

  • Wed
    7:00 pm25 State St., Mount Morris, NY 14510


    A simple word with a world of questions. Who are we? What are we created for? What difference does it make?

    How you answer these three simple questions determines your entire life course. Here at Lamplighter Ministries we believe the answer to these questions is so significant that we are offering a free event on Biblical Identity!

    Featuring the insight and wisdom of biblical psychologist Dr. Tim Boyd, we are excited to explore areas such as:

    1. How can we identify needed areas for personal growth?
    2. How can we make intentional changes towards personal, spiritual, and relational maturity?
    3. What does the Bible say about Identity?

    Join us at no cost for an event unlike any other on Wednesday, September 15, 7:00 PM at 25 State St., Mount Morris, NY 14510.

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