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The Lamplighter Endowment Fund was birthed out of our desire to supply resources to missionaries, ministries, and families that request donations. As a non-profit ministry, Lamplighter lacks the funding to liberally supply these types of requests without outside support. This endowment exists to generate a pool of capital that will permit us to supply books and audio dramas to those in need. 

A missionary team recently requested books and audios to take with them to Chad, Africa. Here is a portion of the email we received:

“We are blessed to be going on a mission trip to Chad, leaving March 7.  We are going out to a remote area of the country, close to Sudan, a place where the missionaries are ministering to unreached Muslims.  Several of those on the team go out for days or weeks into the bush (desert). There are five full-time families all with homeschooled children right in the town as well as 9 other workers (young singles who go out with Nomads).  They are all serving a “support based” mission which doesn’t allow much extra spending money. There’s a guest house in the town which serves as a rejuvenation spot and a home base for many workers from all over the country besides these already mentioned.  

A dear friend and worker over there has a vision of setting up a library in the guest house which would allow access to character-building, soul-feeding books for the children and workers on the field.  I have lived there and a copy of “The Giant Killer,” much battered and worn, made its rounds over hundreds of miles and through dozens of hands.  When we lived in Chad, I remember being out in a village under a beautiful blanket of stars with a bunch of amazing tough desert Muslim women.  Our babies were all asleep on the mats next to us and I told them Bible stories. I also shared with them one of your stories, orally, in Arabic.  Funny how things work.

For missionaries, when spiritual battles are fierce, and you’re in one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world – Muslim, desert, hot: our mission board called this country the ‘toughest place to send people on earth’ – your books that we shared from our tiny library were like water to parched souls.”

This is why we do what we do! The Lamplighter Endowment Fund will allow us to provide books and audio dramas to missionaries and others who demonstrate a real financial and spiritual need. These stories will strengthen and encourage missionary families around the world and at the same time provide evangelism and discipleship tools to reach those in need of Christ.

To make a donation to the Lamplighter Endowment Fund please mail a check payable to “BRC/Lamplighter Endowment” to:

Lamplighter Ministries
c/o Lamplighter Endowment
23 State St
Mount Morris, NY 14510

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