Download Instructions

After purchase has been completed you will receive an email with a link to your downloads page. The page to download your files will expire after 10 unique page visits, or after 1 year (whichever comes first). Downloads links do expire so please make sure not to delete MP3 files from your computer after downloading. To reactivate an expired download link there is a $5.00 reactivation fee. Please call customer service to reactivate an expired link: 1-888-246-7735.

It is recommended that files be downloaded on a computer then, added to handheld devices. Many handheld devices cannot properly handle .zip files (see below: Unzipping Instructions).

ONE AT A TIME Due to the size and quantity of files included in these products, please download files one at a time and not simultaneously . Many of these MP3s are 60 to 80 MB or larger in size, so if you’re attempting to download multiple files at once, it may compromise your bandwidth and render your download incomplete.

CHANGE YOUR BROWSER If you are unable to download your files in your current browser, please use a different browser instead. For example, if you have repeated difficulties with Safari, please try another browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or another browser of your choosing.

CHECK FILE SIZE Once you’ve downloaded your audio files, please double check their size to make sure they match what’s listed on your download links page. If you notice that the file you’ve copied is only 300 kilobytes on your computer when it is listed as 40 Megabytes on your download order, this indicates that your file has not downloaded properly.

TRYING AGAIN If you’ve tried all of the above suggestions and still encounter trouble downloading your files, please check your internet connection to make sure it’s secure and try your download again. There are many factors that could interrupt your internet connection and render your download incomplete, so we urge you to take every precaution, including trying the above suggestions again, to ensure that your files are delivered properly.

If you’ve checked all of the above and you still need assistance with the downloads or with the product, you can email

Unzipping Instructions

To save on download time and file size, all digital downloads are compressed to a .zip file. After file is downloaded, follow proper procedures for your computer operating system to “unzip” the files. MP3 files will be located in the “unzipped” folder. You can now add the MP3 files to your music library using software like iTunes, or Windows Media Player. You can also add the MP3 files to your handheld devices for personal use.

All the best,
Lamplighter Ministries