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  • Dear Dad – Part 1

    Recently, a dad wrote to me, expressing his concern and frustrations about his teen daughter’s poor choices and irritating mood swings. Here’s what I wrote to him: Dear Dad: First, choose your battles wisely. She is a young lady now and needs to be making some of her own decisions, even if they seem to […]


  • Dear Dad – Part 2

    In our last Lamplighter Moment, I shared some advice for a father whose daughter was making some poor choices. Today, I’d like to address another question–how can this same father make sense of his daughter’s frustrating mood swings and give her the guidance she needs to rise above her moods? Here’s my response to this […]


  • Masonry Daughters

    In the book of Nehemiah, the words “build,” “rebuild,” and “repaired” occur over fifty times in chapters two, three, and four. “Rebuilding” is a theme that is obviously important to God. What I find intriguing about this rebuilding process is how many of the builders worked together as a family. The one that caught my […]


  • Tiger Mom Parenting – Part 2

    In our last Lamplighter Moment, I suggested that our readers read this article about Tiger Mom parenting. Certainly many of you found that this article is extreme. And though there are advocates of this intense style of parenting, I must say that this style of parenting is not for every child, and maybe not suitable […]


  • Do Hard Things

    When is the last time you expected a teenager to do something great? In today’s culture the “teen years” are, at best, “too slow!” Teenagers seem to be caught in some kind of virtual unreality that often leads them into trouble. In fact, if you Google the word “teen,” you’re likely to find categories like: […]


  • Five More Minutes

    I heard a story recently about a father who seemed to have all the time in the world. Every weekend he sat on a bench near the playground, watching the kids play while his little girl rode her bike in endless circles around the park. After an hour or so he would stand up and […]


  • The Little Screaming Machine

    I admit it. I’m writing out of exasperation! For the last two hours on this plane, a little girl has been screaming continuously. No, it’s not because her ears are hurting. She takes a gasp of air, looks up at me and smiles, only to look back at her caregivers as they hand her back […]


  • That’ll Teach Him!

    I’ll never forget the time when I was searching for a house to rent for my youngest son David who had just transferred to a college in the Nashville area. He was working two jobs, was in school full time, and was sleeping on the floor while he lived with five other guys. My initial […]


  • My Son Jonathan

    I’ll never forget the day my oldest son called me on his cell phone and asked me to bring him a screwdriver! Can you imagine? What I gave him was a piece of my mind. Then my wife asked who was on the phone. When I told her who it was and what he wanted, […]


  • Grandma and the TV

    Recently I received an email from a frustrated mother who is battling to keep peace in the home while holding firm to her convictions. She and her husband are trying to raise their three-year-old daughter while living with his grandmother—in her home. Grandma enjoys having the television on constantly and encourages the child to watch […]


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