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  • Influence or Control – Part 1

    The responsibilities of a father can be difficult to balance, especially when children start spreading their independent wings. Even when his children are young, a father must balance his role of authority with love, gentleness, and mercy. Men who were raised in authoritative homes are more likely to carry over-balanced authority into their relationships with […]


  • Influence or Control – Part 2

    Most men are able to identify with the difficulty of maintaining balance in their responsibilities to protect, connect, communicate, and love. I find it interesting that there is more said in the Bible about a man loving than about protecting. Men who overreact in the area of protection may really be protecting themselves. Men who […]


  • The 8 Knots of Constraining Love

    Lately I have been reading about the Christian women in China, Pakistan, and India whose husbands are not believers. They are in danger of unthinkable abuse. But Arona was not afraid for her life. She lived for Christ openly in front of her always-drunk and abusive husband. She did not preach to him but was […]


  • She is a Crown

    In Proverbs 12 we learn that “A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband.”  I never considered this until a friend shared it with me, but the crown Solomon is referring to is the wife. As a wife honors her husband, the more prominent the crown appears! In fulfilling her role as his completer, […]


  • Fighting the gods with the Footsteps of Faith Part Two

    Previously I shared how an idolatrous relationship can hold you in bondage. One of the telltale marks of an idolatrous relationship is the flip-flop of emotions you will experience. All is well when you meet the needs of idol; but idolizer beware: there is a price to pay when you displease the gods! Idolization is […]


  • Blueberry Bush Marriages – Part 1

    One of my favorite activities of the summer is blueberry picking. The farm where we pick is just idyllic. Thirteen acres of blueberry bush after blueberry bush. Of course when you first start picking, quite a few end up in your mouth rather than the bucket – a price that you pay for later, if […]


  • Blueberry Bush Marriages – Part 2

    In our last Moment, we discussed the parallels between a healthy marriage and a healthy blueberry bush. The first year you plant a blueberry bush, it’s necessary to cut back most of the new growth in order for plant to take root. In Deuteronomy chapter 24, God gives first-year married couples the same sound advice: […]


  • Marriage: Fretting or Faith?

    Recently I read that over 40% of marriages end in divorce. Another trend is that young adults are waiting longer to get married. The National Center for Health shows that those who marry between the ages of 20-24 have a divorce rate of 36.6%, whereas those who marry between 25-29 have only a 16.4% divorce […]


  • Emptied Self

    I recently solved a mystery that had created years of havoc in my relational life. The mystery was solved when my wife returned to me. No, we were not divorced or separated. She had been away to take care of our daughter-in-law, who was recently in a serious accident. We’d been married for 33 years, […]


  • Matchmaker, Matchmaker

    Everyone tried to play matchmaker with Mark. He was a handsome bachelor about to turn thirty. But Mark was determined to serve God and leave the prospect of marriage in God’s hands. That’s an unusual approach to marriage today in light of the many on-line dating services. In fact, just one Christian dating service serves […]


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