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  • The Art of Spear Throwing

    In the book, A Tale of Three Kings, Gene Edwards tells the story of David and the spear-throwing King Saul. What I love about the story is how the author crafts a parallel from David’s continual threat of being speared by King Saul to our lives today. Spear-throwing and spear-fleeing seem be a rite of […]


  • Have You Ever Eaten Crow?

    Have you ever eaten crow? I have, many times, and it tastes terrible! No not the bird, but the humiliation you bring on yourself when you hold firm to your pride and stubbornness. The phrase, “eat crow” was birthed during the War of 1812 when a British officer gained control of the musket of an […]


  • Responsibility Over Relationship

    Responsibility is a necessary part of life, and all children must learn to do their part. However, we parents sometimes give our children too much responsibility, and for the wrong reasons. Parents who have obsessive, controlling, perfectionist tendencies often use their children for their own selfish purposes. When my children were growing up, I gave […]


  • Resurrection: Celebration or Another Crucifixion

    It was a year ago, the day before Easter when I drove to western NY to visit my mom. When I arrived, I knew immediately that something wasn’t right. I had never seen my mom so sick. She wasn’t even able to carry on a conversation, though she came downstairs to sit at the kitchen […]


  • Overcome Evil with Good

    In Romans 12, Paul writes, “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Overcoming evil with good is easy to say but not easy to practice. It was 1 a.m., and after flying for 9 hours, we missed the last leg of our connection. Now we had to spend an extra night […]


  • Biblically Ashamed

    In our culture, shame is rarely thought of as a desirable feeling or quality. Even in the church, the word is associated primarily with sin and guilt. Author Neil Postman, however, uses the much-maligned term in a very different way. In his eyes, shame plays a vital role in preserving the innocence of childhood and […]


  • Spirit of Jealousy

    One of the most bizarre passages of Scripture is found in Numbers chapter 5, where God presents the law of jealousy. If “the spirit of jealousy” came upon a man, he was to take his wife to the priest, where she would undergo an emotionally draining interrogation that required her to either admit her guilt […]


  • Procrastination

    The other day one of my kitchen cabinet doors fell off. I was quite taken by surprise but as I did some investigating, sure enough, it was because of that scoundrel! Ten years ago, I hired one of the finest craftsmen in the area to make and install our kitchen cabinets. He was a master […]


  • Humiliation – Beards Trimmed and Clothes Cut

    How do you respond when someone humiliates you? Do you retaliate? In 1st Chronicles 19, David’s men are humiliated while delivering gifts to the new king of the Ammonites. His men are shaved (beards were important in those days) and their clothes cut so that they were half naked. Paranoid and insecure, the new king’s […]


  • Mountain Top Forgetfulness

    Recently I experienced the best week of my life.Now those who know me well know that I have many best things in my life….I have about 100 best books I’ve ever read, best restaurants, best foods, and best experiences, but our recent Lamplighter Guild exceeds them all! Why? Words cannot describe what all 100 of […]


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