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  • Aspiration or Perspiration

    Marco Andreoli was 32 years old in 2002 when Italy’s highest court ordered Marco’s father to pay him approximately $1,000 per month until Marco found a job that “fit his aspirations.” Well, I am glad I am not a citizen of Italy because I would go to jail before I ever paid $1,000 per month […]


  • Early in the Morning

    Are you more productive late at night or early in the morning? At the Lamplighter Guild last summer, we tried an experiment with our students. We started each day at 6:15 a.m. As the sun rose, you could see students and teachers in the Word and prayer dotted around the landscape; meeting in gazebos on the […]


  • Wisdom Training

    The word “skill” in the Hebrew tongue carries the idea of wisdom. As one of my seminary professors coined it, “Wisdom is negotiating life skillfully.” We certainly live in a day when a high level of skill is needed. Throughout history, those who acquired a mastery level of skill were looked up to by society […]


  • Get Up the Water Shaft

    Recently, my office staff participated in an experiment as we talked over a biblical passage. Picture this. We took two chairs and put them side by side. Then, we made sure the space underneath the chairs measured the approximate size of the water shaft that tunnels into Jerusalem. We then read the following text from […]


  • Bartering or Blessing

    Timothy Eaton was born into an environment not likely to breed success. But a firm sense of moral direction was destined to take him far in life. At the age of thirty-five, Eaton bought and reopened a small business, making some surprising changes. In Eaton’s day merchants had no set prices for their customers. Rather, […]


  • Accumulated Effects

    A father once wrote to me with the following concerns: Dear Mark, My 14-year-old son despises school. He sits at his desk and feels as if it’s a prison. He enjoys working with his hands–doing anything from mechanics and woodworking to farming and landscaping. When we tell him that God has gifted him, he just […]


  • Fine Arts

    Once, when visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, I had an experience that I will never forget. While standing in front of an eight-foot section of stained glass crafted by Louis Tiffany, my eyes began to well up with tears. A year later I had a similar experience while visiting the Louvre in […]


  • Soap, Soup, or Super Conductors

    I recently reread the story of a man named William Lever in Boys of Grit Who Changed the World. The youngest of seven children, Lever worked in his father’s shop as a child. The story tells how, when he was engaged to be married, “his salary was five dollars a week.” But Lever “knew how […]


  • Add to Your Faith

    In 2 Peter 1 we read, “…giving all diligence, add to your faith…” He continues to list seven virtues that are of paramount importance to spiritual growth. In Greek, the word “add” is the same as the word επιχορηγέω (epichoregeo) from which the words chorus, choreograph, chorus master, and donor are derived. In ancient Greece […]


  • An A+ in Calculus!

    When you are young, it’s hard to imagine what career path you will take. But I’ve learned several basic principles that can lead to a life of direction and fulfillment. First, do the next thing, and do it well. Sometimes, this means doing the unexpected. With only 12 credit hours standing between me and college […]


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