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  • Wandering Memories

      How is your memory? In Deuteronomy 8, God said, “And you shall remember the whole way that the Lord your God has led you these forty years in the wilderness, that he might humble you, testing you to know what was in your heart, whether you would keep his commandments or not. And he […]


  • Aliteracy – Pt2

    Yesterday we talked about the damaging effects of an aliterate culture—where people can read, but don’t. Lured by an image-saturated and lust-craving media, without realizing it, Christians are amusing themselves to death. Not only is reading at an all-time low, but Bible knowledge among youth has decreased from 72% in the 1970s to just 4% […]


  • Aliteracy – Pt1

    Mark Twain once famously quipped, “The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them.”  Twain concisely describes perhaps one of the greatest endemics of our time—aliteracy.   Heralded as one of the marks of a primitive culture, illiteracy still may not be as grave a threat […]


  • Responsibility Over Relationship

    Responsibility is a necessary part of life, and all children must learn to do their part. However, we parents sometimes give our children too much responsibility, and for the wrong reasons. Parents who have obsessive, controlling, perfectionist tendencies often use their children for their own selfish purposes. When my children were growing up, I gave […]


  • The Stick-Crafter

    What would you do if you returned home from war wounded, orphaned, and unsure how you could earn a living? I recently read of a man who faced just this situation–and “his wounds rendered all severe labor impossible.” (The Little Lamb, p. 115) What was he to do? In Christoph von Schmid’s short story, The […]


  • Josiah Wedgewood

    I’ve often daydreamed of being a master potter. There’s something unique and romantic about shaping beautiful vessels out of formless clay. One of my favorite potters is Josiah Wedgewood. He has made some of the most beautiful pottery in the world. One of the things I love about Wedgewood is his insistence upon excellence, beauty, […]


  • Cars for Sale

    For me, sitting in a car dealership while my car is being repaired is like having a root canal! Picture me, if you will, while sitting in the waiting room: typing feverishly on my laptop, my Bible sitting on the coffee table, and several books waiting to be opened. I always take several hours of […]


  • Don’t Go to the Philistines

    Lamplighter Ministries · Don’t Go to the Philistines   “Now there was no blacksmith to be found throughout all the land of Israel, for the Philistines said, ‘Lest the Hebrews make themselves swords or spears.’ But every one of the Israelites went down to the Philistines to sharpen his plowshare, his mattock, his axe, or […]


  • Unexpected Redemption

    Imagine this: your husband and sons have died, and you’re broke. You’ve lost your home. Years ago you left your extended family to join your wealthy husband. Your friends back home have suffered severe economic times while you have lived on the high end. Now you have nowhere to go except back home. You must […]


  • Flight on Horses

    Work is exhausting. I know, because for the past two weeks I have relentlessly worked late hours just to finish all of the day’s work. For some, work is like a prison from which we wish to escape. We fantasize about having a day, a month, or a lifetime free from responsibility; about using time, […]


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