Definition: great bravery usually acted out by saving someone's life.

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. ~John 15:13


Ages 2-6

True Princess
Trusty Tried and True

Reg. $22 - Now $17.60
Mom and Dad, written in the style of Dr. Seuss, this adorable adventure is bursting with colorful imagery to heighten a child’s imagination and stir creativity. Your children will learn much about selfishness, pride, and vanity.


Sani's Seed
Launch the Lifeboat

Reg. $20 - Now $16
In this captivating tale you’ll find yourself caught up on the stormy sea with an old fisherman as he tells the story of a dreadful night that a ship was ripped apart by relentless waves.


Ages 6-11

Freedom in the Cave
The Children of Cloverley

Reg. $22 - Now $17.60
In The Children of Cloverley, a brother and sister are torn from their home, but God uses these painful events for good as they serve their King in a foreign land.

The Bird's Nest
Jessica's First Prayer

Reg. $15 - Now $12
Little Jessica, shivering and hungry, warms her feet at the coffee-peddler's stall. It is there that she receives stale bread and coffee from the greedy and selfish peddler. The day comes when Jessica says her very first prayer. Her childlike faith is a breath of fresh air.

Clean Your boots, Sir?
The White Dove

Reg. $14 - Now $11.20
Filled with the intrigue of knights and nobles, thieves and robbers, this is a story of friendship and sacrifice. A little girl agrees to give up her precious white dove to prove her friendship, and lives are miraculously saved.

Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince

Reg. $20 - Now $16
Young Prince Hubert is incorrigible, unmanageable, and tiresomely demanding. What is the good King to do? How will his selfish Prince ever learn to rule the kingdom well? His most trusted friend, Sir Malcolm, has a plan. Prince Hubert is swept away to a land where he is simply known as Hugh, a peasant boy.

Did You Know

Herbert Hoover, America's 31st president, had a rough beginning in life. He was orphaned at the age of 9 and was passed between relatives. Before his presidency, he lived in China during the Boxer Rebellion, and once risked his own life to rescue native children who were caught in the crossfire.

Ages 9-14

Freedom in the Cave
Comfortable Troubles

Reg. $24 - Now $19.20
Lucy is so close to her family that it would break her heart to be separated from them. Yet if she is to regain her health, she must leave her loved ones, along with the many responsibilities she fulfills, and try to rest. With Lucy's journey come new trials. On more than one occasion you will want to rescue her and give Miss Prigott a piece of your mind!

Frozen Fire

Reg. $18 - Now $14.40
Betty must come face-to-face with the dreaded disease—small pox. Will she save herself? Betty faces the death grip of a terrifying blizzard, but the heartwarming love for her servant trumps all.

The Brave Heart
Rosa of Linden Castle

Reg. $20 - Now $16.00
When all the trappings of Rosa’s life come crashing down, the lessons her parents taught her help when she’s alone in the dark forest. Her love and sacrifice cause others to look to the God that she loves.

Stick to the Raft
Saved by Love

Reg. $17 - Now $13.60
Streetwise, ragged, and poor, Elfie is convinced that she’s so bad that no one could ever love her. Susie can’t comprehend Elfie’s struggle to be honest, but she assures her of God’s great love and forgiveness.


Ages 12&Up

Hebrew Heroes
Hebrew Heroes

Reg. $26 - Now $20.80
In this thrilling account of Judas Maccabeus and the Battle of Emmaus, A.L.O.E. paints a grand picture of the exploits of one of Judah's noblest heroes, during times of great peril. Under the tyranny of Antiochus Epiphanes and the Syrian empire, an honorable widow and her devoted young Zarah exhibit unwavering faith. This remarkable story of love and courage will reinforce the conviction of any believer.


The Lost Clue

Reg. $26 - Now $20.80
In this intriguing mystery, Captain Fortescue keeps his upbringing a secret until he receives a note to be read only after his father’s death. How will he endure the challenges he will now face as he uncovers the mystery of the lost clue?

Peace in War

Reg. $21 - Now $16.80
In this provocative story, we see God’s protection through treacherous events. The faithfulness of His followers gives hope to the hopeless and sight to the blind. Here is a story you’ll never forget!

Standing with Grace

Reg. $26 - Now $20.80
It’s amazing how one person can lift or deflate the spirits of the whole group. Grace Avery’s love and conviction are like leaven among her wealthy friends. A gentle word has a profound effect on even the most rebellious people.

“A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Rising to the Top (softcover)

Reg. $14 - Now $11.20
"There's two things as always come to the top; one's merit-t'other's scum. Which of them is to rise first, I can't tell, but neither will lie at the bottom long." A good reminder that light will reveal that which is hidden in darkness.


Lamplighter Theatre

Escape from the Eagle's Nest

2-Disc Audio Drama Reg. $30 Now $24

Brought up in the wilds of India, Walter is called to a life of self-denial and devotion to the natives of India and Afghanistan, many known to be thieves and cutthroats. He forms an unlikely partnership with Dermot Denis, a wealthy Irishman in search of adventure.


My Golden Ship

2-Disc Audio Drama Reg $30 Now $24

hat gnawing feeling of envy escalates to bitterness and resentment. Charlie finally realizes that his idea of having everything is far from the truth.


Teddy's Button

2-DiscAudio Drama Reg $30 Now $24

"There were guns blazing, shells flying, and swords flashing and hacking away!" Teddy recounts the bravery of his father's heroic deed. But rivalry between a soldier's son and a sailor's daughter drives Teddy to his breaking point til he learns of a new battle, a new enemy, and a new Captain, whose orders are to fight all battles with the banner of love!


You are There - Jesus: His Miracles

2-Disc Audio Drama Reg $25 Now $10

Jesus: His Miracles will transport you back in time to hear Luke, the physician, give his account of the life and miracles of Jesus. Hear Jesus call Peter to walk on water, watch Jesus feed a crowd of 5000, heal a blind man, raise a girl from the dead, and demonstrate His power over physical and spiritual impossibilities.


You are There - Joseph

2-Disc Audio Drama Reg $25 Now $10

Close your eyes and listen . . . you have gone back in time to the life of the man named Joseph. Overhear Joseph’s brothers plotting to kill him, listen to Joseph’s cry as his brothers leave him in the well, share in Jacob’s grief at losing his son. Thrill at God’s intervention in caring for Joseph and bringing him from dungeon to palace. Joseph: the man whom God used to change the course of history for the nations of Israel and Egypt.





God brings deliverance in relation to the strengths yet to be developed in us. In Judges 6, the Israelites flee in fear. They need someone to fight for them. God chooses Gideon to deliver Israel, but he’s no war hero. In fact, he’s hiding from his enemy. Gideon is a self-proclaimed coward: “My clan is the weakest, and I am the weakest of my clan.” But everything changes when he hears the voice of an angel: “The Lord is with you, O mighty man of valor.” God sees beyond our fear and enables us to be more than conquerors.


Lamplighter Theatre Posters

Queen Esther

Esther became the heroine of her people when she walked into the king’s court unbidden to petition him for their lives. The Lord used Esther to save the life of her Uncle Mordecai and the Jewish people of Persia and Media.
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