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The AUDIO CLUB is a great new way to listen to your favorite Lamplighter Theatre audio dramas. You now have access to exclusive content, behind the scenes videos, interviews, and the Lamplighter Theatre audio player.

Membership Includes:

Pre-release Access to our Newest Audio Dramas (Listen with the Audio Player)
50% Off All Lamplighter Theatre CD & MP3 purchases during membership
On-demand Streaming of Lamplighter Theatre Dramas (internet access required)
Bonus Content (keep watch for more to come)

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Season Listing

Season 1 (7 Audio Dramas)

Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince (Listen & Hear) | Bonus Content

The Basket of Flowers (Listen & Hear) | Bonus Content

Charlie’s Choice (Listen & Hear) | Bonus Content

The Hedge of Thorns (Listen & Hear) | Bonus Content

A Peep Behind the Scenes (Listen & Hear) | Bonus Content

The Captive (Listen & Hear) | Bonus Content

The Unexpected Return (Listen & Hear)

Season 2 (4 Audio Dramas)

The Boy of Mount Rhigi (Listen & Hear)
Buried in the Snow (Listen & Hear)
The Robber’s Cave (Listen & Hear)
The Wanderer (Listen & Hear)

Season 3 (3 Audio Dramas)

Sir Knight of the Splendid Way (Listen & Hear)

Teddy’s Button (Listen & Hear)
Book | Illustrated Book | CD | MP3 | Bonus Content

      Audio Trailer

The White Gypsy (Listen & Hear)

Season 4 (3 Audio Dramas)

The Candle in the Window (Listen & Hear)
Jessica’s Journey (Listen & Hear)
Titus: A Comrade of the Cross (Listen & Hear)

Season 5 (3 Audio Dramas)

Frozen Fire (Listen & Hear) Bonus Page
The Haunted Room (Listen & Hear)
A ‘Strordinary Little Maid (Listen & Hear)

Season 6 (2 Audio Dramas)

The Giant Killer (Listen & Hear)
Book | CD | MP3 | Bonus Page
Escape from the Eagle’s Nest (Listen & Hear)

Season 7 (1 Audio Drama)

The Treasure of the Secret Cove