Excerpts from Lamplighter’s Mission, Vision, and Values by Mark Hamby. Download the PDF.

At Lamplighter, it is not only our conviction to live according to these core values, but to produce stories that will inspire our readers to do the same. It is our commitment that each Lamplighter book instills moral values through role models that either demonstrate exemplary behavior or suffer consequences of making wrong choices. A riveting plot, a worthy theme, and endearing characters motivate readers, both young and old, to adopt a similar moral code by emulating the characters that have been etched into their awakened conscience. It is our intent that when a family reads a Lamplighter story together, they will build a lasting memory that will far surpass the fleeting moments of mediocrity.

In the book of Romans, chapter five, the apostle Paul teaches that “suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint.” Suffering gives us opportunity to forge our character through endurance.

Without genuine character development, all is for naught; without Christlike character, the most accomplished individual enjoys only temporary achievements at best. In the Psalms David teaches that suffering allows us to trust God more than any other experience in life. This connection between hope and suffering is foundational, not only for Christ-like character development, but for what it takes to become a Kingdom-hearted entrepreneur. When understood in connection with Paul’s formula for character development, it is not difficult to see the essential value of suffering, as it brings forth great hope. Simply, when we endure suffering, even in something as non-threatening as a difficult assignment, our character is being forged. As we experience a sense of reward for enduring, our hope becomes a reminder for our next test of endurance. Each time we endure, our character is forged, our hope increases, and we learn to trust God. This leads us to believe the truth that all things really do work together for good, to them who love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.
We believe that character and career development take place proportionate to our willingness to sacrifice. Without sacrifice, there cannot be a true team approach to ministry because where much is received, much is required; as a team, we trust that each staff member is equally giving of themselves for the mission of making ready a people prepared for the Lord.

Here at Lamplighter we are intricately linked together as a team that needs each member’s unique contributions. Each staff member is an integral part of the whole, and contributes greatly to the success of the ministry. No one is more important than another. To ensure that we maintain a unified team, we must speak the truth in love when we see a team member falling short in their commitment to excellence. Holding one another accountable raises the level of trust. Truth spoken in love demonstrates the deepest level of commitment to our mission.

The reward for reaching our desired results will be first and foremost in the satisfaction of a job well done. There is a deep satisfaction that occurs within each of us when we have contributed something of value that makes a difference for eternity. But rewards also need to be in the form of compensation, organizational expansion, state-of-the-art equipment, and benefits for the care and future of each team member.

Download the full PDF of Lamplighter’s Mission, Vision, and Values.