Lamplighter Headquarters

A Note from Mark:

Thank you for your continued support of Lamplighter. I’m pleased to share some exciting news. With the purchase of our 1853 classic Gothic church building and adjoining parsonage in western New York, the long-awaited opportunity for expansion has opened the door for us to begin a bindery, recording studio, and apprenticeship program.

Our first interns arrived this month and have already immersed themselves in the vast opportunities of our ministry. Our goal is to expand the internship program to include illustrators, animators, writers, actors, marketers, bindery operators, and craftsmen. Students of all ages will glean valuable experience and knowledge from this Renaissance model of education.

We are also excited to share about the release of our newest Lamplighter Theatre audio dramas, Titus: A Comrade of the Cross and Jessica’s Journey. Once you listen to these stories you will understand more fully what your support helps to accomplish for the kingdom of God. We hope to produce these dramas in our own recording studio and air them as a daily radio broadcast! The influence of God’s Word through this achievement will spread to millions of people worldwide.

We are only five dramas away from reaching this goal. Having raised over $50,000 from the generosity of giving friends and another $250,000 from book and audio sales, it is possible to begin airing Lamplighter Theatre daily in a year’s time. To raise the additional funds we depend upon our supporting friends and the success of our new bindery and printing operation. With the implementation of our bindery we will be able to print on demand, thus lowering our inventory and greatly increasing our cash flow.

We have our staff in position to run the bindery and have purchased one-third of the machinery. As soon as we raise $73,000 for the remaining equipment and electrical updates, we can begin immediately and provide apprenticeship training for our students.

Thank you for praying for us during these exciting times. We have produced a short video that will provide more information and a behind-the-scenes glimpse of our recent work. This and some photos can be seen below.

Thank you for your partnership in this great ministry that the Lord has created.