Welcome to Lamplighter!


Lamplighter stories are much more than good and wholesome reading. The character traits children assimilate during their formative years are the foundation from which a life of faith in God is built. Inspiring role models found in Lamplighter books demonstrate that outward compliance alone will not carry a child through the stresses and disappointments soon to be faced in adolescence and adulthood. Perseverance, courage, hope, loyalty, humility—these are the qualities to emulate, these are the traits to pursue. Though life isn’t always fair, we can be confident that each disappointment and trial is designed by a
loving God for our good.

Lamplighter books are edited within a Biblical theological framework to ensure that each story reflects the character of God and provides key Scriptures to be stored within the heart. The uniqueness of a Lamplighter book in contrast to other books with the same title is that they have been enhanced with helpful footnotes and woven with threads of Biblical truths that will be etched into an awakened moral conscience. These characteristics are what make our Lamplighter Collection so unique and highly valued.

Well, I do not want to delay your perusal any longer. I am very excited about this year’s New Releases and our two new Books of the Year. Every year it is so hard to choose! I can’t wait until you start reading them to your family.

You will also find wisdom and Scripture quotes throughout the site. If you do not exercise the spiritual discipline of Bible memorization, I have listed key Scriptures for your convenience. This is what I love about this ministry; we are bringing people back to what is truly important–“man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” So sit back, relax, and enjoy browsing through our website, as we endeavor to make ready a people prepared for the Lord by building character . . . one story at a time.


Mark Hamby

Founder and President