myLamplighter Book & Audio Club

myLamplighter Book Club provides an opportunity to build your own library of Lamplighter stories in an affordable way while customizing the plan to fit your needs.

myLamplighter Book Club provides an easy way to acquire Lamplighter’s entire family collection of rare books, children’s illustrated books, and Lamplighter Theatre audio dramas as you seek to build Christ-like character . . . one story at a time.

myLamplighter Book Club provides you with the following options:

  • Receive one, two, three, or four books on a monthly basis for a set price and free shipping for US addresses.
  • Manage your own book queue and personally select titles in the order you would like to receive them.
  • Change your billing date, ship-to address, and payment method at any given time.
  • Login to your myLamplighter account and your account simultaneously.

myLamplighter Book Club provides 4 plans from which to choose:

  • Plan 1-Receive one book monthly for only $21.00
  • Plan 2-Receive two books monthly for only $38.00
  • Plan 3-Receive three books monthly for only $54.00
  • Plan 4-Receive four books monthly for only $68.00


To join myLamplighter Book Club, click My Account (appears in the upper right on all pages) and login. If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up for one.

Once you are logged in, you will see a page like this:

Initial "myLamplighter" view, before selecting a plan

Click “Change Plan,” and you can then select from one of the available plans:

Selecting a myLamplighter plan

Once you’ve selected your plan, click “Change Plan” to save your changes. You will be returned to the main myLamplighter settings screen.

Reviewing your myLamplighter Settings

From here, you can:

  • Add, delete, or reorder items in your queue by clicking the “Manage Queue” link.
  • Change the day your orders are placed by clicking the “Change Billing Day” link.
  • Change which of your saved addresses your orders are billed and shipped to by clicking the “Set Shipping Address” and “Set Billing Address” links.


Give the gift of myLamplighter!

If you would like to give a myLamplighter membership as a gift membership, simply create a new account, entering your own information for the billing name and address, and the gift recipient’s name for the shipping name and address. In order to “deliver” the gift, simply send them the login information so they can login and update their queue.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at Join myLamplighter today and start building your family library!