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Lamplighter Fund

The MISSION of Lamplighter Ministries International is to make ready a people prepared for the Lord by building Christ-like character one story at a time. This is accomplished through five primary branches:

1. Lamplighter PUBLISHING began in 1994 and has become a collection of 142 rare books infused with biblical insights and heroic, godly role models to be emulated by young and old. Over three million books are in distribution.

 2. Lamplighter THEATRE brings redemptive hope to the world through dramatic audio. Launched in 2009 and now airing on 1,600 radio stations, our 17 audio dramas reach an estimated 20 million listeners in 25 countries.

 3. The Lamplighter GUILD for Creative Disciplines connects master teachers and students of all ages, who desire to cultivate excellence in the visual arts, dramatic arts, entrepreneurial endeavors, and biblical theology.  Today, 150 alumni are being influenced through this ongoing apprenticeship program.

 4. The Lamplighter MOMENTS daily devotionals bring a unique biblical perspective on issues related to marriage, parenting, character development, career excellence, and spiritual growth. Today, these two-minute moments are aired on 491 radio stations and received by 4500 daily readers.

 5. Lamplighter SEMINARS offer practical teaching on themes such as redemptive parenting, marriage, character development, and career preparation. Feedback reveals that countless lives have been touched by this timely instruction.

These five branches are governed by a BOARD of trustees, led by the founder and president, Mark Hamby, assisted by an ADVISORY BOARD and PRAYER TEAM, and made possible through a highly skilled and committed STAFF.

Today, Lamplighter Ministries International is funded primarily by book sales, registration fees and charitable giving from our loyal CUSTOMERS and ministry PARTNERS. To grow this ministry, we are depending on God and inviting your partnership. It is our conviction to remain debt free before moving forward.

Through our Future Foundations e-newsletter we desire to inform, inspire, and invite our PARTNER RELATIONS to participate with us through prayer, volunteer service and giving to the Lamplighter Fund.

All gifts to the Lamplighter FUND will be used to publish more books, produce new audio dramas, provide scholarships for Guild students, expand internship training, adapt audio dramas into foreign languages, start Guild Israel, build our own recording studio and extend the outreach of our Moments and Theatre radio broadcasts.

Make a Donation to the Lamplighter Fund