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Non-Profit Ministry

A 501-C-3 non-profit organization founded in 1994 by Mark Hamby (B.S., M.S., M.Div., Th.M., doctoral cand.)

Board Members

Mark Hamby

Deborah Hamby

Glen Stahlman

Pastor Frank Passetti

Michael J. Etchison

Lew Sterrett

Advisory Board Members:

Dr. James Maxwell

Pastor Doug Messerall

Pastor William Sommerville

Peter Stein, Supreme Court Attorney

Larry Arnold

Bill Habacivch

John Segal

Patrick Gilbert

Financial Accountability

David Halderman Attorney at Law & CPA

Branches of Ministry

Life-Transforming Seminars

Lamplighter Publishing

Lamplighter Theatre


Founder & President: Mark Hamby

Vice President and Chief Editor: Deborah Hamby

Office Administrator: Jillian Phillips

Illustrator & Graphic Arts Director: Jennifer Brandon

Editor: Darlene Catlett

Format Designer: Kenn Anderson

Shipping: Jon Stanley

Customer Service Representatives: Mary VanDort, Nicole Kawawaki, and Jennifer Enriquez

Conference Representatives:

Sherry Arnold, Jennifer Enriquez, Cheryl Flatt, Nicole Kawawaki, Susan and Ronnie Liva, Tina Marcouillier, Wendy McKinnis, Mandy Miller, Brooke Milligan, Kathy Mueller, Esther Olson, Charlotte Puelston, Cathy and Lane Ruchte, Dave and Millie Smidt, Alexandria Snyder, Rosalie Tavilla, Mary Van Dort, Bonnie Warm, John Anthony, Jinner Rudolph