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Non-Profit Ministry

A 501(C )(3) non-profit organization foundedĀ in 1994 by Mark Hamby (B.S., M.S., M.Div., Th.M., doctoral cand.)


Board Members

Mark Hamby

Deborah Hamby

Glenn Stahlman

Michael J. Etchison

Shad Bolen

Jeff Kern (Ex Officio)


Advisory Board Members:

Dr. James Maxwell

Pastor Frank Passetti

Jason Killiany

Peter Bohlinger


Financial Accountability

David Haldeman Attorney at Law & CPA


Branches of Ministry

Life-Transforming Seminars

Lamplighter Publishing

Lamplighter Theatre

Lamplighter Guild

Lamplighter Bindery

Lamplighter Moments Daily Radio Broadcast


Lamplighter Staff

Founder & President: Mark Hamby

Vice President and Chief Editor: Deborah Hamby

Office Administrator: Katherine Scheidhauer

Shipping Administrator: Cate Perschke

Production Manager: Peter Fecteau – Katherine Scheidhauer

Bindery Operation Manager: Peter Fecteau

Graphic Arts Director: Abigail Lashbrook

Illustrator: Jennifer Brandon

Author of Illustrated Books: Deborah Hamby

Editor: Darlene Catlett

Formatter: Bridgette Heap, Catie Pershke

Lamplighter Theatre Drama Team: John Fornof (Impact Creative Media – Producer, Director, Writer), Allen Hurley (Sound Engineering & Design), John Campbell (Music Composition & Design), Philip Glassborrow (Writer, Producer, Director, Actor), Todd Busteed (Gap Digital – Sound Design), Kathy Buchannan (Writer and Director), Marshall Younger (Writer and Director), Hannah Lashbrook (Editor)

Customer Service Representatives: Mary VanDort, Nicole Kawawaki, Jennifer Enriquez