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Welcome, we've been expecting you...

As a non-profit ministry, Lamplighter depends on the support of our customers and listeners who believe in our mission.
Your gifts are tax deductible, and your prayers—essential, as we build Christlike character, one story at time.

Latest News & Featured Products

A 'Strordinary Little Maid will be Delayed

The release of Lamplighter Theatre’s upcoming audio drama,
A 'Strordinary Little Maid, will be delayed due to our commitment to
excellence with each audio drama.

Executive Producer Mark Hamby, Producer John Fornof,
and the Lamplighter Theatre team decided to take this drama to
the highest level possible in dramatic arts,
requiring some additional time to complete the production of the best
drama produced to date. Once you hear it you will understand!

We offer our sincerest apologies for this delay.
Meanwhile, we are still accepting preorders for both the MP3 download
and the dramatic audio CD, offering you an additional chance
to enjoy our special preorder savings! You will be notified
the minute we have the completed production in our hands!

Preorder the Dramatic Audio CD ($25) (Reg $30)
Preorder the MP3 Download ($20) (Reg $25)
Preorder the Full Pack ($40) (Reg $60)

The Haunted Room CDs Have Arrived!

That's right, the long awaited audio drama from Lamplighter Theatre
The Haunted Room, has arrived and is now available
for purchase as a dramatic audio CD, or as an MP3 download!
This dramatic story is, in executive producer Mark Hamby's own
words, “one of the most life transforming dramas we’ve ever produced!”
The Haunted Room is sure to become a
family favorite—but listener beware, this one’s not
for young children, only those who dare
to have a close encounter with the haunted chamber
of their own heart.

Purchase the Audio CD
Purchase the MP3 Download,
or visit our new website to learn more!

Now Available...Launch the Lifeboat!

Launch the Lifeboat has arrived and is now available for purchase!
This is a spectacularly unique children's book with detailed illustrations.
In this captivating tale you’ll find yourself caught up on the stormy
sea with an old fisherman as he tells the story
of a dreadful night that a ship was ripped apart by relentless waves.
The sound of a bell just above the howl of the wind
and the crashing of the waves can only mean one thing for Jonah and the
men safely on the shore—they must launch the lifeboat and save
those perishing aboard the sinking ship.
Through this storm and the waves of life, Jonah discovers that those
rescued from the ship
are not the only ones God intends to save..

Purchase Here
Purchase New Illustrated Packages

Introducing . . . Ask Finnian!

Finnian Jones regularly welcomes people of all ages, sizes, backgrounds, and foregrounds into his shop at Abington Falls,
where he is always happy to put on a cup of tea and chat with visitors about whatever might be on their minds. Nothing excites him more
than having the opportunity to graciously and gratuitously give Biblical guidance to whomever the Lord brings across his path.

Now you too can experience Finnian’s wisdom, wit, and whimsical writing by asking him questions of your own!
So if you’re looking for historical information, book recommendations, character curatives, answers to Bible questions or advice
about significant family topics like sibling rivalry or career excellence, Finnian is at your service! Some inquiries and replies
will be published for public perusal on the Ask Finnian corner corner of our new Lamplighter Theatre website, but fear not,
for Finnian will refrain from referring to your identity when responding to your questions. Finnian is keenly anticipating your coming correspondence,
so send him a letter as soon as you can!

Ask Finnian your question now
Visit our new Lamplighter Theatre website

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Let’s Celebrate! 20 Years!

Did you know? Lamplighter is celebrating 20 years in publishing and in commemoration of those 20 amazing years,
we are offering our loyal Lamplighter friends the following 20th anniversary year long specials:


(discounts apply to full price items only)


    $20 off your order of $100 or more
    $50 off your order of $200 or more
    $100 off your order of $400 or more
    Order the first 20 Lamplighter books, starting in 1996, as a celebrative Commemorative Collection for only $300! (reg. $400)


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