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Welcome, we've been expecting you...

Lamplighter Theatre's Newest Drama,
FROZEN FIRE arriving November 13!

Pre-Order now and be the first to receive a FREE MP3 download on November 13 and the miraculous story behind the story!
You will receive the beautifully packaged CD the week after Thanksgiving. This FREE MP3 is for a limited time, so please act soon. Offer expires October 7th.
Soon to become a family favorite.

Lamplighter Theatre’s newest drama, Frozen Fire, is coming November 13! Inspired by a true story, this drama is sure to become a family favorite! A tale of persevering faith, sacrificial love, and dauntless courage, Frozen Fire promises to be an unforgettable listening experience for the entire family.
And just as exciting as the story, the story behind the production is no less inspiring and miraculous! In producer John Fornof's words, "This was one of the most miraculous weeks of my life."

Now Available...

Trusty Faces His Fear

Trusty is ready and willing to help his Papá move a huge boulder that’s blocking the way. “I’m strong and courageous!” he declares, all puffed up. But as darkness looms, he realizes he’s not as brave as he thought. Though trembling with fright, Trusty learns that he doesn’t have to face his fears alone.

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